Nancy Gallent

Nancy G. began singing at a very early age. At the age of 12, she perform her first Christmas school recital solo singing OH Holy Night and received a standing ovation with shouts of encore. Sometimes neighbors would come over at night and would hand her coins to hear her sing. Growing up with a jukebox in her family owned cafe; Nancy G. would sing along with the 45’s. She became her own record-player knowing the lyrics word for word. Her family and close friends would have weekly old gospel shindigs; music and singing became her world. In the early 60’s, a Tacoma Television Station requested Nancy G. to sing the song This Old House with her late father,Charles”Charlie” Browning along with a group called “The Rose Sisters”. The TV Host at that time was Ray “Chubby” Howard; music dj and steel guitar recent “Hall of Famer. It was a fun and exciting time in her life. 1964 KBLE, a religious radio station currently known as Heart Radio broadcasted an hourly Gospel Program. The station taped the weekly intro music Peace In The Valley sung by Nancy G. and father Charlie accompanied with his guitar. The news was out; local churches wanted to hear their singing and they began to perform throughout the Northwest and Eastern Washington. Nancy G’s. passion for singing has never stopped. Throughout the years and even to this day, she always seemed to have a smile in her eyes and a song in her heart. The Lord has truly Raised Her Up to be His voice and has blessed her with the Gift of Song. Keep an eye out for new music from Nancy on her media page as they become available!